Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There is no mask.

In brokenness there is no mask. There is no deceit. There is no deceiving.
When you are completely torn from the inside and all you know is gone, you have no spirit left to pride yourself in. Here, we are all equals.

There is no “I am hurting better than you”. There is no wasted time with self-pride, self-righteousness, or trying to pull above or ahead of others. When you are truly torn, all that is left is genuine. This realness is something that I have grown a respect for.

I’m not sure why we spend so much time packaging ourselves to sell to others, always trying to “one-up” someone else. I can’t say this isn’t me, for I know many times it has been. But on the other side of life, on the side opposite of happiness and pleasure, there is none of that. Instead, we who are hurting cling to one another. We do not try to push them away, or try to show them we can cry more. That is ridiculous. Rather, we open ourselves. We are a people pleading with everything, even though we don’t always show it.
In this place of despair, there are no social rules, because you need none. You are just trying to survive; to take each breath as it comes and hope you live to see the next one.
Pain is pain and brokenness is brokenness.

In conclusion? Well I haven’t reached there yet. This thought is open, some could argue incomplete.  But I do believe it is true.