Saturday, April 6, 2013

Learn it?

          Life proves not an easy journey for anyone, but some in particular are forced to weather the worst of the storms. The rest of the world strolls onward and laughs in the sun, ignorant of those scraping through the darker sides of life. For those in the tempests however, suffering does not always flow from the same source. Nevertheless, the hurt and the damage it can do is equivalent. Likewise, it is not how much one suffers that matters, but rather what one does with the suffering he or she encounters.  Pain naturally strips one of their happiness, comfort, and peace and leaves an emptiness, confusion, and utter despair within the heart that is incomparable to anything else in this life. Every day numerous people bring about their own deaths because despair has overcome them. Suffering and destruction can easily conquer the heart and leave one alone and defeated. In the same light however, one also has an unparalleled strength when he or she learns their pain and faces it. Because one may never “move on” or come to agreement with their pain, he or she must learn it. Ask the questions others scarcely have the courage to brush. What is life? What is death? Am I afraid to die? When searching for the answers to these questions, one can discover a renewed hope in which to carry forth. Letting fear harbor in the soul halts the ability to uncover the answers and the hope, therefore seizing immediate control of the heart and mind.  But, when pain is learned, faced, and found out, it opens up a whole new life- and this life is marvelous, and this life is different. The suffering or pain is by no means done away with, but instead is now used to alter perspective. Through the new eyes of your heart you see the world with a love and tenderness and care which you lacked before. This change is the center of your hope. With this change, suffering has turned into an embrace with which you can hold others and tenderly care for them as they are thrown into the midst of their own tempests.