Monday, August 6, 2012

When I've stopped and thought..

Do you ever stop to think about the world- and how focused you are on your own? It becomes embarrassing to me the time spent worrying about myself, when really, there is so much more to this life than me. I feel I’ve been given many reasons to be overly focused on my own world. But what I want to take away from all this, or what I want to do with all this is step away and back out of the spotlight, so that whoever may be looking at me can only see who is really behind it all- God.

When I do that, it makes whoever may be talking to me or listening to me so much more special because I realize that I don’t deserve it, that it is a gift. It also makes me think about what I’m going to do with these gifts, and this turns my whole perspective from how can I make myself happy into how can I be one who is humble enough to allow God to do great things through. 


  1. (Hmmm. Anna, I get it...Well said.)

  2. I love this thought... it is one that has flown through my mind so many times and yet I so often forget it. Thank you for the reminder. It is so easy to focus only on ourselves... I suppose it's part of being human... but when we focus on God, we see things in a new light and live differently because of it.
    So encouraged by your story, Anna! Mrs. Cole told me about you and your blog and I knew I had to stop by and see what you had to say. I will be praying for you! God bless!!