Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I love being in the sun. So it’s naturally a bummer when I find out that I’m allergic to the sun.    …....  Especially as I’m currently out west on a road trip visiting national parks. There isn’t much shade over here. I could huddle under a cactus I suppose.

So, anyway, I get rashes and redness on my skin, which is both attractive and comfortable. (Sarcastic). But is that going to keep me from going to the beach or playing outside? Not at all.

It’s also a bummer when you’re running out of medicine to try.
My gut is partially paralyzed, and therefore does not move food through very well. Food often gets stuck and I get obstructions; where it won’t move so food either comes back up or just piles up down there. Both are painful. And it seems to continue getting worse and worse.

I was on a laxative and a pill to help my gastrointestinal system work last week. But it wasn’t doing the job. So my mom suggests trying a new med (a fizzy drink) called magnesium citrate (apparently used to flush out your bowels before a procedure or something of the sort). So I go out and purchase. The bottle says drink ½ to a whole bottle. Now I was really worried that it was going to be painful (my mom surmised it probably would be) so I stayed on the cautious side and took ½.  And waited. Nothing. So then I chugged the rest of the bottle. Waited. Nothing. Waited more. Started feeling a little nauseous [in the middle of a great movie, mind you], and low and behold I puke up all of the magnesium citrate (which burns your throat like. no. other.) [and I had to miss a large part of the movie].

Of course my stomach rejected a medication I had no idea could even fail. That was a bummer as well.

Still wondering how to keep my gastrointestinal system working as I continue eating (which seems to be necessary).

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