Monday, August 25, 2014


I just returned from a week in Haiti on a medical missions trip. We served the women attending a Christian conference by providing medical exams. Many of these women were in significant pain; spiritually, emotionally, and physically. What I loved about being there was the connection I felt with these people. Though they can school me in all things suffering and pain, my own background with pain has given me a special compassion I'd never imagined I could have. Praying with these ladies was such a powerful and moving experience because we were praying recognizing we are completely dependent on God. Watching these women worship was also an amazing spectacle because they give their whole bodies and souls to praising God. When I told my mom I wished we cld worship like this at home she replied, "there's not enough need". (We, back in the states, rely so much on our own abilities that our mindset remains almost fully rooted in self reliance.) It was humbling this week to be able to bless and be blessed by these beautiful women through the unification of pain.

It seems like pain is all around us. Sometimes all I want to do is run as far away from it as possible. It is too heart breaking to deal with or think about. Yet I can't ignore it because it permeates my life as well. And since it's so real to me, it comes in even clearer focus when I see it in other's lives.

Pain uncovers the reality that God is my love and comfort.
My pain opens my heart to have compassion on others.
Pain humbles me.
Pain is my testimony.
Pain is my reminder that this world is not my home; that there are better things to come.
Pain is my reminder that I am dependent on a savior at all times.
Pain, in a lot of ways, has been the biggest blessing to my life.
Pain proves my weakness and God's greatness.

I don't pray for my healing because pain has become my character builder. It has shown where my values lie and has taught my heart what is worthy and meaningful in this life.

Pain is a challenge, and I welcome challenges.

I am thankful for the pain in my life, as crazy as that is to me. It is a gift.
Thank you God for giving me the strength to live thru pain in this life.

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  1. Thanks,Anna! Can't wait to hear even more about your trip!!