Friday, April 6, 2012

We weren't given life to live someone else's.
Not to mold ourselves into someone else, or find them in us.
We were each made unique, be who you are and embrace it,
only then will you see the beauty in others.


  1. I really like this quote from Miles Levin's blog. And I think you are on to something

    "I have had a chance to be inspirational. It’s not something most teenagers can lay claim to. Not because they are incapable of inspirational feats, but simply because most young people do not come across an opportunity to really show what they’re made of to inspire and teach others. Getting this chance, and from what I’ve been told, succeeding, has been a true privilege and an honor. (I guess when things aren’t going so well in your own life, go altruistic.)

    Taking that as the quantification of success, you then realize that your biological vitality means very little---having a beating heart and operational lungs does not define you, your effect on the world around you does. Once you fulfill that service, your shift is done; you’re off work and its time to go home. So you don’t necessarily need a lot of years to have a lot of effect. In fact, maybe the opposite: if the good die young, it is they who have the most profound effect of all. If you can truly embrace this---and I’m still trying---that’s sainthood.

    It takes the darkest, bleakest of human tribulations to bring out the best in us. It is in the face of hopelessness more than any other time that we unite and rally around what is really important. If I have to be a martyr for that to happen, then I will do my best to try and accept that.

    What is real cannot be touched."

  2. what a beautiful reminder to be ourselves and chase our own unique dreams! you're a true inspiration, anna (:

  3. Dear Anna, the honesty and generosity with which you share your courage with everyone, reaching out from moments of despair, fatigue and vulnerability to create empowerment and goodness, is a gift you possess and share. Though you may not know us personally, we are here for you - so please let us know what we can do. Our love and best wishes are always with you, Anna.